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The right experience and the best team to get you results.

As an independent agency, Parker & Partners is able to conduct a level of dialogue with departmental officials which is inaccessible to the companies we represent.

Our team continually monitor and liaise across government, media and business to build intelligence and give timely insights into not just what is happening, but why and what it means.

The art of good public affairs is centred in establishing credibility with stakeholders and using that earned position to influence public policy. Every business and organisation is impacted by government decisions yet most don’t have the specific skills nor the resources to manage this critical relationship or influence policy outcomes.

Parker & Partners does.


Our practice areas


Government relations

Federal and State government engagement, lobbying, regulatory affairs and policy

Our team has detailed knowledge of, and access to, key networks including ministerial offices, parliamentarians, advisers, bureaucrats, regulators, press galleries, specialist media, industry and community groups, and other agenda-setters.

We have a long track-record and a deep capacity to work with the federal, state and territory governments, oppositions and minor parties and the broader infrastructure of government. We combine our access and knowledge of government processes with intelligent strategies, insights and influence to deliver good advice and effective campaigns.


ICU – Issues and crisis management unit

Crises and threats to your reputation can take a while to emerge, or strike quickly and without warning. Either way, when the tough stuff hits, you’ll want the best in the business by your side.

Drawing on our crisis management experience, our team delivers an integrated approach that tackles corporate client challenges on all fronts – and that’s what makes us different. We’ll work with you to identify and mitigate reputational risks, plan, monitor and train for crises, work with you to manage crises, and support you when you’re in recovery mode.

ICU team members are seasoned former political staffers, business advocates, journalists, trainers, social media and corporate reputation specialists. We’re known for our straight talking, practical approach and for the results we achieve.


Strategic counsel

Parker & Partners has helped hundreds of organisations ask and answer the big strategic questions about:

  • How they approach public affairs and communications

  • What resources they invest in public affairs activity

  • Who and how to target key decision makers and influencers

  • When and how to engage (or not)

We understand the big strategic questions are rarely resolved quickly – they require attention, persistence and constant review. We have a strong track record of working with CEOs, executive teams and boards to provide independent guidance and help navigate an array of organisational issues, policy challenges and continual change.


Corporate reputation management

Parker & Partners helps our clients manage the often daunting, yet critically important, media landscape to effectively communicate, respond and engage with stakeholders, customers and public audiences.

Our experienced team, including former journalists and media professionals, train and prepare our clients with the skills and experience needed to deliver their message and manage their public profile.

We not only train executives, spokespeople and frontline personnel, we also offer extensive media management experience to help organisations build robust media procedures and maintain media readiness.


Stakeholder mapping and engagement

The reputation of any organisation can be influenced by external third-party stakeholders – that is, anyone who may have an interest in, or can influence the organisation, an issue, or a brand, or who will be affected by an outcome.

Parker & Partners uses an array of proven methods and techniques to audit, profile, analyse and plan strategic stakeholder engagement campaigns. Good intelligence, genuine engagement and strategic approaches inform our approach and deliver unmatched results.


Executive training

Our experienced team creates tailored training and scenarios to support our clients’ executive teams and spokespeople. Offered one-on-one or in small groups these sessions can also include follow up coaching, debriefing and preparation for specific issues as they arise.

We prepare our clients to:

  • Manage government relationships and meetings

  • Better understand their media and stakeholder environment

  • Make live media appearances or stakeholder announcements

  • Write clearly and effectively

  • Manage issues and crisis situations