Nino Tesoriero


Nino Tesoriero is a crisis management and communications specialist having advised many of Australia’s top political, corporate and community leaders for more than 17 years.

As a trusted adviser to a former Australian Prime Minister, Nino provided daily media advice and support on the delivery of key policies and the management of critical issues across the Federal Government. Nino was also a senior media adviser to a former Deputy Premier and Treasurer in New South Wales.

Nino has supported CEOs and leadership teams from peak Australian companies, multinational corporations and government agencies on crisis management, political engagement and critical media issues. His current and past clients include Microsoft, Caltex, Scentre Group, Event Hospitality & Entertainment, the Digital Transformation Agency, the CSIRO, Boston Consulting Group, Business Council of Australia and Macquarie University.

Nino began his career as a radio journalist and gained a national profile as a political reporter with the ABC. He also has international experience, having directed large-scale education campaigns as a marketing head for the Training and Development Agency for Schools in the United Kingdom.

With his Managing Partner-level experience and influential contacts across the business, government, media, education, technology and community sectors, Nino is in a unique position to deliver truly integrated solutions of the highest quality for Parker & Partners’ clients.

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